4 thoughts on “Orange Day: Sexual Violence against Women and Girls in Conflict

  1. Though sexual, physical abuse has become a part of conflicts I am at a loss as to any national governments making any adequate response, let alone swiftly.
    I do not defend in any way that many of these atrocities are carried out by people outside of disciplinary measures of such governing bodies.
    It is that governing bodies are in fact responsible for the majority of conflicts, profiting from the destruction of communities and national identities that promote shared value systems amongst people.
    These atrocities, far worse in my mind than any act of war, will only stop when we, the people of this world realise that we have much more in common and much more advantage in sharing our differences with respect and regard for each other. Only then, when we become sharers, defenders of our common realm – when all of us are kings and queens (without capitals) of creation. There will no longer exist any desire for exploitation.

    • Very true, I was saddened to read all I did before writing this.

      I write a blog for an NGO that aims to bring together women from diverse cultures and backgrounds to address the root causes of poverty, hardship and conflict, this was one of my blog entries for them. The United Nations’ have designated days for awareness, so often in my mind when writing, particularly for them.

  2. OK It’s not the wheel or fire or electricity yet the internet and our ability to access and share information is possibly the greatest tool available for any true lasting measures of change to be ‘communicated.’ Good luck in your efforts Ox

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