Rid the world

The Mind Unleashed posed the following question to their social media: “If you could rid the world one of thing, what would it be?” I thought this was one that needed a good ponder. The following is what I decided.

I noticed a couple of people had said “humanity“, which as many liked as said it was stupid or wrong to even suggest ourselves. To only think of the entire world and ourselves being at the centre is to me our egos talking like this is our playground so will play by our rules only, where as there is much more than what we have created to it and believe we enrich the world with being in it. To me those that did not agree with it were falling for the latest trick, thinking only of themselves and not others, and could not see we should sing a song with nature not autotune the world’s voice to suit our own needs. However, getting “rid” of humanity is not the answer, retuning ourselves to rediscover our role within the world for me is what is needed.

Quite a few had said on those that abuse and/or hurt children, which I agree is wrong but to hurt any living creature for me is wrong. We single out children as to us humans they are the most vulnerable in our societies, I could argue back that all life can be hurt and/or abused, we have others such as the elderly or those with additional needs that are also vulnerable to being abused and hurt by others. Abuse of two adults, particularly in relationships, it is often the female that is seen as the victim or vulnerable one but can be of either gender. Removing those that hurt and/or abuse the lives of others at first seems a good idea but when and where do we know where to place limits, and how we would begin to screen people for this?

A very popular answer was “organised religion“, which I can see why many said it as has been used and continues to be used as battle lines for war. For many their belief system is their tinting on the world as sets out their morals, ethics and values. Belief for many is a symbolism of hope. I witnessed a lady on the bus only the other day reaching out to a a fellow passenger on the bus and explaining about god, which the person reaching out felt would be of benefit to them. Whilst I was pleased to see someone helping their fellow human, I felt this wasn’t the place for her beliefs, the passenger was in more of a non-judgemental ear, human warmth of hugs and a mug of tea, so could be heard. For me it is the empathy in humanity that matters most.

So what would I “rid” the world of? Disdain, which can be defined as “the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.” Everyone and everything has worth and deserves our respect. As humans no two journeys are the same but from our experiences on it we can empathise with compassion and insight into how another may feel. These days of apathy, indifference and hatred are making the world fifty shades of grey, rather than a rainbow filled of incredible diversity, variation and distinctiveness. We would rather be the same than different, but yet for me that is what makes the human experience and life is about, discovering how we fit in within this jumbled jigsaw that we call life and making the most of it.

© Fi S. J. Brown


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