A survivor’s song

Crying tears that were never seen or heard
Heart was broken but unable to heal anew
Isolated as uncertain how or who to trust
Lonely for the prisoner and jailer in one be
Dispirited so picked at scars until they bled

Angry that trust turned into a lifelong pain
Behaviour that made the abnormal a truth
Unbearable seeing their faces in the present
Secretly wishing they could feel this pain too
Every day getting stronger to fight on through

Survivors learn to dance to their colourful beat
Undoing the chains that bound them in fear
Ready to take on the world with both hands
Victim no longer be what they call themselves
Inspiring others not to give up hope in the dark
Visualising a light to keep them safe and warm
Observing karma do her thing without revenge
Revealing a new path filled with peace and love

© Fi S. J. Brown


Remember everyone has the right to an opinion, whether you agree with them or not,
Education is not restricted to the classroom or books as learn every day from others,
Silence can be a positive way to deal with a negative opinion as shouting doesn’t work,
People do not have the right to put you down as do not agree with what you think,
Everyone is fighting their own battles so walk a mile in their left shoe and your right,
Comparing yourself with another is pointless as like comparing an orchid with a lemon,
Trust your own instincts always with an open heart then others will respect your ideas.

© Fi S. J. Brown