Spring Song

Spring’s song begins today in the northern hemisphere with snowdrops ringing to wake all sleeping from their winter’s sleep. The croci playing bass, giving a rhythmic and harmonic foundation to the world. With the melody sung by the newborn wildlife throughout the land, reverberating through hills and valleys, and the trees and bushes their backing singers resplendent in their new season green clothes.
Every year this song can be heard but how few of us stop to see, hear and feel it? Mother Nature displaced as the leading lady, as we humans do our cover version. We insult her further by autotuning our voices as cannot sing in her unique style, colour or pitch. With footprints stamping across the world like a booming hip hop beat. Forming chorus lines full of grey, filled with drills and bombs tainted with fear, jealousy and hate.
© Fi S. J. Brown

Song of my love

If you were a guitar I would strum you gently,
With the chords played the song of your heart.
Minor ones tell of inner tears and past sadness,
And major filled with fun, laughter and joy.

If you were a drum I would tap to your beat,
As I am touched by the rhythm of your heart.
With sticks in hand is like holding your hand
And the brushes to tickle my soul’s inner core.

If you were a piano I would sing in your key,
Every note and chord are your words spoken.
White or black each tells of different stories,
And the adventures of our journey together.

© Fi S. J. Brown