Standing at the edge of the trench,
Like a hound waiting for the hunt,
And the whistle that begins it all.

Stepping blind as go over the top,
Gunfire ringing from ear to ear,
As Armageddon calls the shots.

Turning the poppy fields to red,
With rivers of blood and tears,
All in freedom’s tasteless name.

Telling tales to remember today,
Of fallen soldiers from the past,
With most in their thankful praise.

Forgetting the traumatised ones,
Those returned forever changed,
Forever at war with their demons.

Learning answers but never learnt,
As history continues to repeat itself,
And the innocent lives lost continues.

Dreaming in the west wind of peace,
While the eastern embers burn on,
And a south just wants to be heard.

Imaging with the words of Lennon,
But know lamenting is no solution,
When hate and fear sing louder.

Pondering if there is another way,
Filled with colour, love and empathy,
And one day Planet Earth will smile.

© Fi S. J. Brown

John Lennon

There are musicians that touch you with their music and lyrics with a spirit that transcends the time they were written and paint with their every chord and word. Although George Harrison was probably my favourite Beatle, the haunting piano and lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine” still hit me like a punch to the heart. Today in 1980 Lennon was murdered, whether you believe the official story or not, is up to you. However, we lost a spirit that modern mainstream music all to often lacks as manufactured as a commodity and not a form of self expression written with passion and love. Thank you John for the music, for giving it to us all.