Scotland’s day under the lens

Today is probably the greatest (if not most important) day of my life, as Scotland decides whether it wishes to be independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. It is probably the most important votes since the referendum to have a Scottish parliament that I have and will vote in. I feel the eyes of the world watching, as the day of decision is here and I live in the capital city, filled with the lenses of the media from all around the world.

I am not saying aloud here, but as I have said previously those that know me well enough know the answer to that already and happy to share opinion privately. However, I am of both Scottish and English heritage (my parents one of each), I know what my trio of instinct, heart and head say, and remarkably they all are saying and singing the same thing! I only hope we do not end up with a nasty hangover wishing we had not woken up to that.

Enough of the debates, spin and lies, it is time to mark this day with a cross.

© Fi S. J. Brown