To Be Free

Every time we leave home,
A road full of routine we follow blindly,
Into a world that seems unchanging.
Familiar faces exchanging glances,
Old places that we remember being built,
As memories rush by of times now gone.

New places seem frightening in contrast,
In a world where nothing seems to last,
And in a blink of our eyes it is gone forever.
Everyone just wants to fit in labelled boxes,
Normal as just who wants to be different?
We are all individuals but collectively one.

We find comfort in the routine,
The intimacy shared like a loved partner,
That we trust with our every heartbeat.
With changes bringing out our distrust,
As begin to question their loyalty to us,
And reach for prayer that all will be well.

Just as we loathe the sound of Monday,
Friday always seems just out of touch,
And weekends are over far too quick.
Letting time tick with a monotone beat,
Seldom stopping to learn our rhythm,
Dancing away like an one trick pony.

Many simply call it the ‘rat race’,
But then who’s laboratory are we in?
And who are we in competition with?
Part of someone else’s experiments,
But how to escape the hidden cage,
When there are no bars to break free.

Bread to fear the change of constant,
To fly away requires thinking anew,
Going the detours with an open mind.
Following a compass of our free souls,
Discovering the hidden life that awaits,
Free to live and dance the way we want.

Travelling awakened and refreshed,
Saying yes to invitations to the new,
Returning home enriched and fortified.
Living our lives with the fullest glass
And in the moment not past or future,
With happiness written upon our faces.

© Fi S. J. Brown

Judgement Day

Do you judge yourself? Those you love? Friends near and far? Strangers in the street? Someone on television? A picture on the internet? Every day we make judgements and are judged based on our actions, what we or others accept as normal, right from wrong, and the labels we or society give others. These judgements can be made on a click of the finger, bitterness from previous experience, or assumption based on our own or other’s ideas of logic and reason.

Yet who decided to make ourselves or others the judge and sometimes jury too? Do we feel guilty when we make an assumption that turns out to be wrong? Are we too proud to admit we are wrong? Do we toss in our sleep like a salad with guilt, or sleep like a log in the forest? Do we learn from our mistakes, or keep repeating them? How does it feel when someone does it to us back? An opinion is just that, a belief, just because we or others do, does not make it right from wrong.

Like sheep we try to find a flock that is similar to ourselves, yet what we often fail to realise it is those that are different to us that teach us the most. We do not want to stand out from the crowd and feel the laughter and mockery. Life is hard, so why do we make it harder for others under a notion it may make us feel better? Personally, I would rather be a dog than a sheep, loyal and caring to those I love most, not following the crowd, being true to myself and respecting others.

© Fi S. J. Brown

World Wildlife Day

What is a life, does one have more value than another? 

The majority of you reading this will be saying of course not. It does not matter someone’s gender, race, religion, sexuality and ability. Yet, if it was animals we would create division, for some they care deeply to others it’s only a stupid damn animal, what does it know. The love and compassion we feel for our fellow humans, why do we not always extend it to all life on this planet? 

If I showed my pet dog on Facebook, some would say how cute he was, whereas others may say they prefer a cat as a dog is too much work. Some may not understand why I would rather a four legged companion than a human one, I choose to have a dog due to their loyalty, love and company being a few of the answers, as for me human company is a bonus and love of another is rare.

If I said cow or pig, many would think of steak or bacon rather than the lives of the animals, what they go through in life to end up on the supermarket shelves and on plates of many. Are they commodities to many rather than living creatures? Are we losing sense of where our food comes from, the cheaper the better, and forget the lives of the animals we may eat in the name of survival.

Elephants or giraffes many of us may never see in their original habitats in our lifetimes, but we may cage them so can see them up close in zoos or false freedoms with safari parks. Yet do these not have the same rights as we do? To enjoy this world with it’s great rivers and forests, where some may choose to make their home. We try to accept what we have, yet our ego wants more.

How can one species act as king and queen of the world, deciding which of our companions in this world has more rights than others? Today is the first United Nation’s World Wildlife Day, how did that take so long to come about and why do we need days for awareness when we should be aware of this every day? Today, lets think of how much we rely on the animals of this world.

© Fi S. J. Brown