To Be Free

Every time we leave home,
A road full of routine we follow blindly,
Into a world that seems unchanging.
Familiar faces exchanging glances,
Old places that we remember being built,
As memories rush by of times now gone.

New places seem frightening in contrast,
In a world where nothing seems to last,
And in a blink of our eyes it is gone forever.
Everyone just wants to fit in labelled boxes,
Normal as just who wants to be different?
We are all individuals but collectively one.

We find comfort in the routine,
The intimacy shared like a loved partner,
That we trust with our every heartbeat.
With changes bringing out our distrust,
As begin to question their loyalty to us,
And reach for prayer that all will be well.

Just as we loathe the sound of Monday,
Friday always seems just out of touch,
And weekends are over far too quick.
Letting time tick with a monotone beat,
Seldom stopping to learn our rhythm,
Dancing away like an one trick pony.

Many simply call it the ‘rat race’,
But then who’s laboratory are we in?
And who are we in competition with?
Part of someone else’s experiments,
But how to escape the hidden cage,
When there are no bars to break free.

Bread to fear the change of constant,
To fly away requires thinking anew,
Going the detours with an open mind.
Following a compass of our free souls,
Discovering the hidden life that awaits,
Free to live and dance the way we want.

Travelling awakened and refreshed,
Saying yes to invitations to the new,
Returning home enriched and fortified.
Living our lives with the fullest glass
And in the moment not past or future,
With happiness written upon our faces.

© Fi S. J. Brown

Night whispers

I stand in line waiting for the ferry to carry me back home
As the night stretches out far and wide in every direction
And the stars sparkle like diamond speedways of light

I am in no rush to make the journey back to my homeland
For tales, myths and lies haunt me like a ghost live there
And memories of my childhood are little works of origami

The spring breezes catches my breath to make me relax
Filling it with sparklers bright and smells almost angelic
And removing the hellish voices and flooding thoughts

Those days are in the past and where they must stay
The future’s foundations are made from today not then
So into a box I lock them shut and throw the key to sea

Now I board the ferry free with a new song in my head
I cannot change what happened or those that hurt me
But I can enjoy the present and let positivity shine out

© Fi S. J. Brown

A Slovakian Escape

Flying to Slovakia my journey was high above the clouds so could not sense where I was physically was passing over, but I felt like a bird finally free and spreading my wings. As I came to land it was as though I was going through ice caps, the clouds did not look fluffy but irregular blocks of ice, and I was about to enter Atlantis.

Upon arrival it hit me what it must be like to not understand any word of a language, I had not looked at my Slovak phrasebook that much, but there was English alongside them. It felt like old and new meeting at once, the Slovak words making me curious not just to their sound but the traditions and people of the country I now stood.

Bratislava herself made my eyes feel at first like I had stepped into a television, so many advertisements along my path. However, her charm is something to behold, with an old town of architecturally stunning buildings and a majestic river, which at sunset was as turned my breath to light and shone over all it was touching.

The views from Bratislava castle were like seeing a new friend opening their arms and giving a giant hug, knowing I could trust her with my every word and step. The bridges made me feel I could achieve my goals, the high towers felt like I could build a life here and the red roofs, an eternal warmth of love not danger was in this city.

The Danube herself sung and danced whenever I saw her. My first impression was Strauss was right with his famous piece. An art gallery (Danubiana) sits in the middle of the river; inside was like walking on water among some incredible works of art, the statues outside felt like his guardians of all forms of Earthly life.

The trip to Plavecky hrad (castle) is a story in itself through a magnificent forest and up a steep hill to reach her ruins but rewarded with views (although hazy) worth every step of the climb. No cold and ghostly feelings from the castle herself, but a tree overlooking the view felt like the final guard to keep the ruins safe.

The day trip to Vienna along the Danube at first was spoilt, for when entering Austrian waters a fog descended, which as it lifted felt like Styx had been steering the boat. I have travelled to Austria before, the richness of the architecture to the German language made me feel like I was now in familiar but foreign ground

Upon going to leave I cried, not just in sadness to say goodbye to Blanka but to this “little big city” that had left a big impression on me and I had left a little part of me there. The flight back among the patterns of black and orange across Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and finally to the UK. I will return soon I hope.

© Fi S. J. Brown



Plavecky Hrad