My path and detours

I wandered through the dark and silent streets,
Lined with fallen autumn leaves and empty seats.
With the sun long set and moon hiding her eyes,
Not even the stars would catch my tired old cries.

Breathing in and out in time to the rhythm of life,
Knowing the answers were not kept with that knife.
Stopped the rivers of blood and falls of sadness,
Or absorbing the grey world’s carnival of madness.

But the birds that guided me thus far are so astute,
Helping me find an once lost but now found route.
Replacing the daily drowning and endless falling,
With a self belief and respect for my truest being.

Enough setting other people’s dreams on track,
It is my time to sing and dance no turning back.
So enough pondering just trust instincts and go.
Paint with my words, pictures and colours aglow.

© Fi S. J. Brown